Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

Social Sharing is the most important ways of getting your blog popular. Hence it gets important to have the correct social sharing buttons in place at the optimal locations on your blog. There are a lot of such social sharing plugins out there. This post lists the top 5 plugins for wordpress which can be used for sharing your posts.

1. Social Media Feather

It is exactly as described “Super lightweight, simple, nice, modern looking and effective social sharing and following buttons and icons on your site without the extra burden”. The buttons are neat , large and inviting to be clicked on.

Social Media Feather Plugin

URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/social-media-feather/

2. AddThis

AddThis is the most high powered social sharing plugin around. It allows sharing to a whopping 330+ of the most popular social networking and bookmarking sites. The best part of AddThis is the powerful analytics you get when you integrate with an AddThis account.

AddThis Social Share Plugin
AddThis Social Sharing Plugin

URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/addthis/

3. Flare

This amazing plugin is simple, easy to configure, eye catching and light. Easily among the best social sharing WordPress plugins available.. Apart from the usual Share and Follow buttons, they are also working on adding analytics.

Flare Social Sharing Plugin
Flare Social Sharing Plugin


URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/flare/

4. Shareaholic

Another feature rich social sharing plugin for WordPress, Shareaholic has a pretty attractive sharing toolbar called SexyBookMarks – which adds some cool animations along with a call to action message on the buttons. The also have Classic Bookmarks for the conventional user. One awesome feature which Shareaholic provides is “Recommendations & Related Content” which Increases engagement and pageviews by highlighting related content from other sections of the site. This plugin has social analytics too.

URL: http://wordpress.org/plugins/sexybookmarks/

5. Jetpack

Last but not the least, there is Jetpack, the all-in-one plugin from WordPress.com. Jetpack packs in a host of features including social sharing and social follow buttons. There are not the coolest looking, but are simple easy to use and come integrated with most WordPress installations.

Jetpack WordPress Plugin
Jetpack WordPress Plugin


I use a combination of Flare and Social Media Feather, but would love to hear from you which plugins you are using on your blog. Looking forward to your comments.

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