Judit Chackal is responsible for the marketing, communication and business development efforts of Reach MENA and its sister company, SENSE-R, the leading MENA-based virtual reality developer for VR branding projects and Industrial Training Simulators. She has over a decade of experience in delivering strategic marketing & business development visions for global clients in the travel, hospitality, events and education sectors. Her passion for content and experiential marketing led her to the field of virtual reality project development.

5 Ways to Use Visually-Stunning 360-Degree Videos in Your Video Marketing Strategy

While video marketing is nothing new, having been around since the early days of television, today‚Äôs digital space has dramatically transformed how consumers interact with this type of media. Video marketing today can take many forms. But perhaps few video mediums are as attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable as 360-degree video. A 360-degree video enhances…

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