What Should I Check Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Company in 2023?

Effective marketing occurs when you have specialists executing marketing techniques to raise the demand for your products and services. To increase the worth of that, you might need the support of well-experienced and well-knowledgeable people, who can run a successful digital marketing campaign for your business. Digital Marketing is seminal for all types and all…

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Function F4 in Excel for Mac OSX

If you are an avid Microsoft Excel user and need to use ‘Absolute Cell References’ functionality in MS Excel on a Mac computer, then you will find that Fn+F4 key combination doesn’t work on OSX like it worked on Windows. The keyboard shortcut equivalent for Excel Absolute Reference in Mac is ‘Command + t’ or ‘⌘+t’. We highly…

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Wordpress plugins

Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

This page lists the best WordPress Plugins for bloggers. This list of top WordPress plugins is routinely updated and will increase your success and efficiency as a blogger. Plugins to Prevent Comment Spam Akismet – This plugin is currently and unanimously the best comment spam prevention tool for WordPress blogs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plugins…

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