Top 6 Ways to Generate Blog Topics

I was curious about writer’s block because as bloggers we all have it. So I decided to write a blog post about the top 6 ways to generate blog topics.

1. Quora

Quora, the Q&A site, is an excellent source for blog topics. Searching for your blog topic on this site is tremendously valuable. Everyone from Neil Patel to Gary Vaynerchuk will log on to answer questions there as well.

According to Search Engine Land, Quora gets 100 Million visitors per month. What was once a site used primarily by the Silicon Valley scene, Quora is now a giant question and answer site that is a valuable resource for answers and a go-to for generating blogging ideas.

2. Google Auto Suggest

Straight from the massive search engine itself, Google will provide you with phrases people are already looking for. Google says the autocomplete feature is “designed to make it faster to complete searches that you’re beginning to type.” It is estimated that it saves users 200 years of typing per day!

Google’s Auto Suggest just may be the mind reader you’re looking for if you are looking for some quick topics.

3. Buzzsumo

One of the greatest ways to come up with blog topic ideas is to tap into Buzzsumo. All the great marketers from Brian Dean to Sujan Patel use Buzzsumo to research for great content to share. It shows everything, from the posts that readers love, to the hottest social media shares.

It also displays backlinks and top trending content. With Buzzsumo’s trending topics, you can stay relevant and tap into trending content before your competitors do.

4. Twitter

Twitter’s trending topics is a great source to tap into as well. A lot of groundbreaking news comes from Twitter and that’s something you might want to keep your eye on. Tweet247 provides trending topics from around the world, which you can use to source for great blog topics. You can also ask questions and respond immediately. Type in Subject + ? in the search

Ex. shown: Blog ideas?

And you might stumble upon ideas for your blog and maybe for a client.


As SEO marketeer’s, we all love AHREFS. It’s such a valuable tool. The content explorer provided by AHREFS is extremely powerful. It will dig through a database of over one billion web pages. Simply enter a topic into the content explorer and hit search.

This is a true content idea generator for SEO. It’s like a content search engine for people that do search engine optimization for a living. It will filter by DR, amount of words, monthly traffic, and more.

6. All Top

Founded by Guy Kawasaki, Alltop’s goal is to help answer the question “what’s happening” for topics geared towards you. It’s basically a list of recent posts from all the best blogs around the internet. Alltop covers any topic you can imagine from marketing, business, to sports. It’s an excellent way to quickly see what the top blogs in your industry are writing about. From there, you’re sure to generate some ideas based on what you find.


Writing blogs can be extremely rewarding but we often encounter writer’s block. With these six ways of generating topics for your blog, you’ll be sure to find a great idea for your next post.

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