How to Select a SEO Agency?

In the times of nearly every company taking to the web to showcase its presence, it can be a daunting task of selecting a full-service SEO agency, let alone a fine SEO company. Nevertheless, we have your back with a full-proof method on how to select SEO agency which will in turn help your company’s online presence be found by the click of a button!

SEO-Search Engine Optimisation
How Exactly Does a Company Choose a SEO Agency?

Following is a breakdown of a few qualitative reasons which prompt a company to choose a particular SEO agency:

Referrals and relationships established in the past:

Almost half of the companies hire a particular SEO agency on the basis of a referral from their peers and colleagues. This is extremely plausible as companies alien to the concept of working with SEO companies will take to the suggestions of their friends and colleagues who are familiar with it.

SEO Company Knowledge and Process:

Another dominating reason why companies choose a certain SEO company is its company knowledge and process. Factors like fine customer service, transparency, intelligent leadership, timely reporting, experienced staff, etc. contribute to the overall framework of a successful SEO company which makes it a tempting choice for potential customers.

Case Studies, References and Reviews:

Almost on the same lines as company knowledge and processes, past performance accounts are inclusive of specific proof, such as studies, client references, and online reviews which altogether account for past success. About 15% companies recorded that this was a deciding factor in their selection process.

Are you Selecting SEO Companies the Right way?

Nearly one in five companies have had a poor experience with an SEO agency before finding the right one. This draws light on two subjects:

Good and established SEO firms have yet to enlighten their potential clientele on what a fruitful partnership must look like.

It is imperative for businesses to evaluate their potential partners on all the parameters they deem to be important for them as a business.

A great agency has almost double the number of testimonials than a good agency.

So, how Does one Choose the Right SEO Company?

Zooming into the process of appointing an SEO company may leave you with the chance of a frustrating partnership wherein you will be unable to attain the desired traffic, leads or sales from search.

The following three-step guide will help you select the right SEO company in a logical manner free of any frustrations and unsatisfied requirements:

  • Examine the Agency’s Past Performance

Performance matters for SEO companies and businesses like yours alike!

In order to judge a business’s success, its past records should be scrutinized. Make sure that you take an in-depth look at your potential SEO company’s past success record and then make an informed decision.

  • Connect with Past and Current Clients for Their Experience

Make sure that you associate yourself with the past and present clientele of the potential SEO company to learn and understand from their experience. This will help you acquire an enormous amount of information about the ways of the SEO company in question. Also, ask them relevant questions such as:

Time taken by the SEO company to return calls or emails, the possibility of a dedicated point of contact or how much time do clients have to review reports and strategy decisions.

These points can help in understanding what you really want and will filter out all that is not suitable and up to the mark for your business.

  • Meet, Greet and ask Questions to the SEO Company

The closing step here is to meet the SEO agency, face to face or virtually. The emphasis on this step cannot be made enough. A meeting is imperative before signing off on any contract.

 While you are at it, make sure you ask pertinent questions. Ask them anything and everything that you find relevant. A few template questions can be about their experience with your industry, when can the results be expected, the cost of their services, etc.

For relevant questions, brainstorm with your team. Different departments can have different questions regarding SEO companies.

On one hand, your team might be curious about strategy and reporting and on the other, the higher authorities might want details on the pricing and expected return on investment. Both are different and highly relevant questions that must be answered before any finalizations are to be made.

Avoid the following mistakes while selecting a SEO company

  • Resorting to a Low-Priced SEO Company:

Opting for a low-priced package can be tempting given how tight budgets can be for many businesses. But such an investment will only result in underwhelming returns due to the use run of the mill tactics to obtain the desired result.

The SEO company(s) can make some really fancy promises on a tight budget making it look like a compelling deal. But they can fail in more ways than one. Failure to work well with the team is also a huge setback. With SEO companies, you get what you pay for which makes it even more significant to make a pragmatic budget.

  • Screening Only Local SEO Companies :

Collaborating with a local SEO company can be quite convenient but not necessarily the best for the progress of your business. The location of your SEO  company should not be the biggest of your concerns.

Focus more on the company’s ability to deliver, its client(s)’s experience and its manner of interaction. If the SEO company has a set of values that prioritizes its customers, it will make sure to walk that extra mile in order to prove its worth and concern.

Your company expects results. However, SEO does not provide instant results, it takes at least three to six months to provide. This leads to desperation and might drive business to take to black-hat SEO strategies.

Black-hat agencies provide fraudulent and ineffective long-term tactics to get into top searches quickly. This however can be short-lived due to its unethical nature and your business might be fully banned from Google, the world’s biggest search engine.

SEO-Search Engine Optimisation


With the article, we hope your question on how to select SEO agency is answered. Consider all the above points and factors while selecting the best SEO company and give your business the kick it deserves!

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