GCM Notifications Test Tool

GCM Test Tool


GCM notifications test tool
Here is a nifty little tool to help developers test GCM notifications. While developing GCM or Google Cloud Messaging Notifications in Android applications, it is important to have a simple server to test if client code is working correctly. This free GCM notifications test tool below does exactly that – allows you to easily send GCM notifications to your Android client without needing to code out the server side code.

Instructions for using the GCM Notifications Test Tool

Enter the API Key and the GCM ID of the client that you want to the send the test notification to.

Enter the data for the notifications. You can enter this as key-value pairs. If you are using sample code, your default key is probably ‘message’ (enter this in the Key 1 box) and you can enter ‘hello world’ in the value field (enter this in the Value 1 box).

Enter GCM API Key (Server key) :
Enter GCM ID (Client Registration ID) :
Key 1 :
Value 1 :
Key 2 :
Value 2 :
Key 3 :
Value 3 :
Key 4 :
Value 4 :
Key 5 :
Value 5 :


Do let us know in the comments section if you found this GCM notifications test tool useful to test your Android GCM code.

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28 thoughts on “GCM Notifications Test Tool

  1. Hi..it’s very helpful tool. I am able to sending the push notification but message was not received on the device.
    Would you please any one help me on this.

    1. Will need more information to help you.
      1. Did you get a success code in the response from the tool?
      2. Did you cross check the GCM id?
      3. Have you implemented the broadcast receiver correctly? You can print logs and see whether they are showing up in logcat.

  2. Thank you for your effort! It works great for me.
    Can we also send unescaped string, some thing like :
    “data”:{“id”:31232, “tex”:”fsfds”} ?

    1. I just tested it. It seems to be working fine with my test case. Can you specify what message you are trying to send so that we can debug this issue?

  3. Hi,
    How to send message to any specific time? I am unable to do so by setting “data”: {
    “score”: “4×8”,
    “time”: “15:47.2342”

  4. Nice tool for testing Push Notification,
    but if you could also provide options to add more key value fields, that would be really more helpful…

  5. Hi,
    My app is crashing when I am sending Notification using this. From log I can see,”Calling a method in the system process without a qualified user: android.app.ContextImpl.sendBroadcast:1515″. After some googling it is saying that, this type of problem is caused by an older version of okhttp library. Can you please check?

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