Famous Video Games for Different Age Groups

Video games have been around for decades, and its popularity has spread out through people of all ages. Since the creation of the very first video game, thousands more have been created. From simple kid-friendly games to hardcore war and strategy games, there’s bound to be titles that are perfect for just about anybody.

Ever wondered which video games are famous among various different age groups? We’ve got that covered below:


The best video games for kids are those that stimulate their young minds on varying levels, and these famous titles offer just that.

Forza Horizon 4

One of the most popular games to come out of Microsoft Game Studios, Forza Horizon 4 is a racing game that lets young players speed around Great Britain on varying road and weather conditions – all in simulation, of course. With solo and multiplayer modes, as well as challenges on speed and stunts, this is one car racing game that kids can enjoy playing by themselves or with their friends.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Available on Nintendo Switch, this beloved game lets kids unlock and play as any one of the 74 fighters ever released in the history of the franchise. They can either play solo or do battles against others across various different game worlds on both the Nintendo Switch’s screen or on a big-screen TV by docking the Switch. It’s a timeless fighting game that even older gamers might enjoy.


The most popular games among the teenage demographic are typically those that are engaging and allow for multiplayer gaming. Sports games, in particular, are famously played by teens the world over, as are those that feature comic book superheroes.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Konami’s latest offering for soccer fans delivers not only real gameplay but also showcases some notably authentic ball physics. Players are able to choose to play against or alongside their favorite soccer teams from across many different leagues around the world. With rosters that include some former superstars such as David Beckham, this game is perfect for playing on the Xbox One, PS4, or on a gaming PC.


The Webbed Wonder of New York City is popular among video game-loving teens as he is among comic book fans. This game is exclusively available for PlayStation 4. Marvel’s Spider-Man was developed into a single-player action game by Sony. It has the superhero engage in combat sequences while parkouring nimbly through NYC’s skyscrapers.


War games and shooter games that have complex back stories are popular among the adult population of the gaming world.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best-selling title from Rockstar Games played on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players can make important decisions when immersed in the struggles involved in taking out the last of the outlaws.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Activision’s Call of Duty releases a new title annually, often to much hype and success, albeit without much changes made. But Black Ops 4 is proving to be even more popular than its predecessor, WWII, by racking up double digits in daily time spent and total hours played per player. Playable on both console and PC, Black Ops 4 is great for multiplayer gaming with its battle royale mode that became front and center after the studio ditched its single-player campaign mode.

Video games are a fun, entertaining, and engaging way to relax when played in moderation. It’s no wonder why it’s so loved by gamers of all ages. There are certain games that are more popular in a certain age group than in others. But, there are also those that transcend the borders of age and are considered universally popular.

Finally, if video games are not your thing and you prefer real-life games, then you can always try out Escape Games. These are real-world game rooms with puzzles that you need to solve in a fixed amount of time to ‘escape the room’ – which is when the game is considered won.

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