Pro Mirror for Samsung TV Cast

Many of us have wondered playing games or using mobile apps on screen size as big as your TV. Well, the manufacturers can’t make a phone that big but you can try this app instead.

Share your iPhone screen with Pro Mirror app from Li Yuanyang to your Samsung Smart TV in no time. To use this app, simply connect your iPhone/iPad and your TV to the same network and wait for the magic to happen. The app is not limited to watching movies or listening to music or watching photos but also enables you to give presentations without a high-end gizmo setup.

It has dual streaming modes:

  1. Default streaming mode: It is optimized for best performance. However, if it fails there is a substitute for it.
  2. The HLS streaming mode: It may provide better performance and compatibility with your TV.

You can also select a custom area of your phone to share the screen with your TV. Overall a great value app for personal and professional use.


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