Finally, Hashtags on Facebook too!

There’s good news for twitter fans, Facebook has finally started supporting hashtags. For the novice user, hashtags are the keywords related to the post or tweet prepended by a ‘#’ (hash) sign. These keywords help identify which category or tag the post belongs to. This is also very useful in allowing users to track similar posts. e.g. If a user is following the soccer world cup, then the user can track other users posts using a hashtag like #worldcup. Twitter has a nice feature where users can see trending hashtags on the left sidebar.

Facebook Hashtag

Facebook’s hashtag search feature is also pretty nice, you get to see a feed in a popup box when you click on a hashtag. While browsing this feed, Facebook also allows you to add your comment about the hashtag easily. I am guessing that Facebook has some more neat features up its sleeves with regards to hashtags.

What does this change imply for Twitter? Does this mean that Twitter will lose out some of its user base to Facebook? We may also see this give rise to a new set of tools come up which show posts from both Facebook and Twitter for a same hashtag. Let’s wait and watch. For now, it will be fun playing with the new feature on Facebook.

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