Oggy 3D Run Review: Let The Hunt Begin

Nickelodean’s favorite and sassy characters are brought to life by Nazara Games, in their new game Oggy 3D Run. Hunt down nasty cockroaches, Dee Dee, Marky and Joey to collect gold coins and boost your score. Upgrade your powers by buying Jetpacks, Skates, Magnets and many more to win and complete the levels faster and easier.

A whole new world, new obstacles, easy to play controls, categorically stunning graphics and addictive gameplay make it worth a try. Customization of characters always keeps you interested in the game. Over 100 plus levels to unlock and play on the go.

Allows you to record audio for the purposes of profiling the device on media consumption. Multiple environments to play in with several of Oggy avatars like Caveman, Cowboy, Pirate, Magician, Super or Watson. Overall an amazing game for kids and adults as well.

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