AutoSender Pro Review – Great App to Schedule Messages

It feels really inconsiderate if you forget to send texts on the birthday of your close friend or to your partner on your anniversary or any important occasion. You may forget these important dates but AutoSender Pro by FreeRamble Technology Inc. will not forget it once you feed the occasion and text into its memory.

This app even works in switched off mode so that you never miss out on sending an important text. Even the contact number is cloud generated, not your personal one, making it more private. Apart from personal use, business-oriented people can use it for mass messaging to distribute coupons or offer related texts to maintain healthy customer relationship. It is also capable of sending images.

It is available for iPhones and iPads at a subscription fee of 0.99$ a month on iTunes. Considering all its features and affordable price, it is total value for money for both personal and professional use.

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