Why Go Incognito, Use Firefox Focus Instead

Secure browsing with general purpose browsers requires a lot of setting to be customized. Each time you have to search in settings to find that hidden button that clears history is really annoying and extremely distasteful. What to do then?

Solving you secure browsing issues, Firefox has introduced Firefox Focus that is secure enough to save your data from your creepy room mate or CIA (not that strong for CIA). But it sure can keep your browsing private and secure all your data from being accessed because it never saves them in the first place. This app is designed to get rid of your browsing history, cached data and numerous other things once you exit the app that might get you in trouble.

Faster web access, faster downloads, seamless UI for which apple is known for and above all that extreme privacy make it a smart choice for security concerned folks around the globe. This app is available for free on iTunes.

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