Top 10 Trending Android Games, April 2019

Who doesn’t like to play mobile games these days? With so many choices in the Play Store, it is confusing to choose one. So here’s a list of top 10 addictive games you might want to get your hands on.

  1. FPS Battle 2019 – Fan of CounterStrike? Want to feel it on your phone? FPS Battle by Timuz games is the right game to bring you that feel. Loaded with a global theme map, military-grade weapons, epic challenges, and 30+ opponents makes it an addictive choice for FPS lovers.
  2. Best Sniper Legacy – Based on a post-apocalyptic world, this is a kill or get killed situation against dinosaurs and zombies. It’s story-driven gameplay combined with stunning graphics and easy gameplay controls. It is a decent game to play on the go. Upgradable weapons give you the feel of a professional sniper.
  3. Kick The Buddy – Quite different from other games, the protagonist buddy is the one you try your new weapons on. The game is designed in cartoon style but with vibrant graphics, making it a fun gaming experience. Upgrade your buddy, test new weapons on him and knock him out.
  4. Clean Road – The name says it. This simulation game from SayGames challenges you to clean the roads and get rid of snow for the civilians to come out of their respective homes. A light-hearted game, good for people who just want to take a break from some serious stuff. Easy controls. Moderate challenges. Overall a decent game to go with.
  5.  Run Race 3D – Running endlessly can be tiring but not in a virtual world. It allows you to hop from wall to wall, climb ropes, slide, flip, grab, use monkey-bars to not fall. It’s a parkour experience with dozens of maps filled with new and exciting challenges that can be excelled by unlocking new skills.
  6. House Paint – White houses look dull but colorful ones are a treat to watch. Make your house worth a gander by painting it with your imagination and complete levels. It’s very simple and smooth UI with vibrant colors makes it a decent choice for a casual and non-competitive gamer.
  7. Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing – Not just another mountain bike game but it bags stunning and vibrant graphics with a lot of other great stuff. In-app customization allows you to select 80 plus gears to style your avatar. Bike tuning feature gives you maximum performance and the rag doll physics make it more addictive and real when you crash. Available for $0.99 on the Play Store.
  8.  Real Steel – Survive in the arena against thousand-pound robots and get a knockout to win. Inspired by real steel movie, this is a showdown with legends like Atom and Zeus. Unlock special edition bots on winning and team up with bots in 3 vs 3 mode. It also allows you to record the announcement for your robot’s entry. Available for $0.99 in Play Store.
  9. Agent A – Inspired by the themes of 1960s, Agent A is a five-chapter puzzle game designed to intrigue your mind. Uncover future contraception, hidden gizmos and solve more than 100 logic based puzzles to achieve trophies. A perfect retro detective game for Sherlock fans. Available for $0.99 on the Play Store.
  10. Lost Journey – Lost, but not without hope. It is a story of an angel who comes from heaven to Jennifer with lost memories. Now Jennifer and the angel are on a voyage to find the shreds of angel’s memories to help her get back. Colorful artwork, space manipulation makes the gameplay worth remembering. Available for $0.99 on the Play Store.
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