Amazing 5 Tools to Create Videos for Digital Marketing

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Over the past decade, video content consumption has shot through the roof due to the increased availability of high-speed internet. After all, video content is more engaging and often easier to comprehend. Studies indicate that television has taken a backseat because 6 out of every ten viewers prefer to watch online videos. Also, this form of content has a profound influence on the average consumer’s buying decision.

According to Google Research, 55% of buyers depend on video content to make buying decisions. That explains why digital marketers who use video content tend to generate 66% more leads. The present-day audiences demand video content, and that is why you see videos everywhere.

If you haven’t switched to video content creation due to the presumed high costs and expertise it demands, then there are no worries. We’ve found five beginner-friendly video creating tools that you can use to create stunning digital marketing videos on a budget.


Wideo is a one-stop solution for all your video creation and editing needs. It is a versatile solution that provides you with all the resources required to start creating awesome digital marketing videos.

You can create explainer videos, presentations, e-cards, and so much more. Plus, you can make them from scratch or customize existing templates to match your brand’s identity. It has a beginner-friendly interface that does not require any prior video editing knowledge. Also, it comes with a free version that you can use to get hands-on experience. The best part is that Wideo offers free music tracks with all its free and premium plans, eliminating the need to look for free records without copyright restrictions.


Animated videos are tough to make unless you have the right tools and expertise because a lot of effort goes into making the characters or objects move. However, that’s not the case when you use this video creating a tool to make your digital marketing videos. That’s because Animaker comes with two beneficial features — auto lip-sync and smart move.

Auto lip-sync eliminates the need to animate the character’s lip movements, and the intelligent move does the same for objects. When it comes to making animated videos, we recommend Animaker because no other video creating tool does a job better than this one. You can use it to create custom characters and bring them to life by adding the right facial expressions. Most importantly, you can do all of this with just a few clicks.


Wistia is another popular video creation tool trusted by digital marketers worldwide when it comes to creating long-form video content. Most importantly, it lets you create ad-free videos that you have absolute control over. You can also use its interactive video editing tools to create videos with different CTAs and split test them to see which one’s working for your campaign.


Moovly is yet another video creation tool that digital marketers swear by. It comes with beautiful, customizable templates that you can use to create pro-level videos. Moovly is not only used for digital marketing purposes but is also trusted by educators, hobbyists, corporates, and other professionals. Also, it comes with an in-built tool that lets you publish video content across popular platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc..… So, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a video creation and automation tool.


WeVideo has been around since 2011 and has recently rolled out more features for brand customization. This makes it easier for digital marketers to create digital marketing videos that resonate with the brand they are trying to promote. Besides that, you also get access to over one million ready-to-use video clips, images, and music clips that you can use. Also, this tool makes publishing video content across popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube much easier.


Finally, we know that video content creation is often perceived as a pricey affair, but with the tools mentioned above, you can get started immediately. These video creation tools give you a head start for video content creation and are extremely easy to use. However, it would help if you had the right concept and a fantastic script to draw more attention and engagement.

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