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Before we discuss the WordPress Security Plugins, it is essential to understand why users need to install the Plugins. We all know that when a user creates the website, they also have to protect the website from malicious phishers and store the customers’ private data. Each website needs security from spammers, hackers. And malware attacks and stop unwanted traffic from various sources.

You are using a WordPress site or any other site; it is essential to install the security plugins because it also affects your website’s SEO ranking. So today, we are going to know about Best WordPress Security Plugins for your website.


It is the most popular WordPress Security Plugin in the market. The plugin is available in the free and paid version. The free version provides basic security that makes your website a little bit stronger but cannot stop the malicious attacks on your website.

Beginners can use the free version as a trial, and after that, the client has to buy a paid version that comes with the firewall, which not only secures the website but also stops the traffic from unwanted websites.

Sucuri provides firewall filters that filtered the bad traffic before it comes to your server, and they also serve static content from their CDN servers. It will scan the whole website, and if found any malicious effect, then the plugin will notify you or remove it from the website. Get all the details from


This is another popular WordPress Plugin that comes free for beginners. All you need to do is install the plugin properly, and after that, it will scan the website at a specific period. The free version provides malware scanner, exploit detection, threat assessment, and Two-factor authentication login.

The free version will automatically detect the common threats for your website and resolve it or notify it. The firewall of Wordfence runs on your server, so it is less effective then DNS. You can check out further details here.

iThemes Security

This is the most trusted product according to the ratings and reviews of WordPress users. It comes with brute force attack prevention, malware scanning, 404 error declaration, strong password, and security hardening.
It does not include the firewall, but it allows the malware scanner of Sucuri’s Sitecheck. Well, people are fond of the free version, but about the paid version, you have to visit iThemes Security Pro.


This software is made up of the people, and they provide free and paid versions. The free version of this plugin will scan the website, help in SEO optimization, improve the traffic, and search ranking on Google, but it is not so good with malware attacks or bad traffic.

Mostly JetPack users recommend the paid version because it comes to the previous WordPress Plugins, making the plugin different and stronger. The premium plan turns into more benefits like backups, spam protection, security scanning, avoiding bad traffic, improving rankings, downtime monitoring, social media customization, site customization, and optimization. You can check out the price list here.


This plugin is new and created by Julio Potier in 2016; it provides a good user interface. The free version comes with anti-brute, force login blocked Ip’s, firewall, and block bad bots. You can enjoy other features of this plugin while buying the paid version. To get more details to visit SecuPress.


As all the above, the Defender plugin-free version is limited and offers 2FA, WordPress core file scanning, Timed logouts for brute force attack prevention, and IP address blacklisting. It will show the details, but you need to purchase the pro version of this WordPress plugin from here to get the proper report.

Anti-Malware Security

According to his name, we all know that Anti-Malware Security WordPress Plugin is specially used to stop malware attacks from suspicious sites. The plugin will scan all the folders and files; if they found any virus, it will notify the screen.

The plugin needs to create the account and connect with the WordPress website to access all the configuration files and find the back door’s malicious code.


Well, there are numerous WordPress Plugins that are available on the market, but it is very hard to choose the perfect one for yourself. Choose wisely and install only one WordPress Plugin; otherwise, it will affect the site security and rankings. Just choose the best plugin to secure the website.

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