How To Make Nested Menus in WordPress

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Many sites being developed in WordPress need to make multi-level menus also called nested menus. A key requirement in making this nested navigation menu is that the top level menu items should be non-clickable.

Nested Menus can be build using the Menu Builder in WordPress.

Navigate to the Menu Builder using : Appearance -> Menus

An easy way to make the Top Level Menu items not clickable is by using ‘Custom Links’ to make the top-level menu items as below.

  1. In the menu builder, select Custom Link
  2. Add the navigation label where it says ‘Link Text’. e.g. Continents.
  3. In the ‘URL’ field, put in ‘#’ (without the quotes)
  4. Nest the actual URLs under these custom links. e.g. Pages pointing to the different countries.

See the illustration below.

Make Top Level Links Inactive WordPress Menu

This is also the solution on how to disable parent menu link in WordPress or for that matter to make any menu link not clickable and effectively make it a navigation label. There is a plugin called Page Lists Plus which does the same thing, but I found this technique to be easier.

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