[Solved] – WordPress Text Links Showing Strikethrough Text

Are some of the links on your WordPress site showing up with strikethrough text link in the image below?

The reason for this is a WordPress plugin called ‘Broken Link Checker’. Whenever this plugin classifies a link as broken, it displays the link as a strikethrough to warn users about not clicking on this link. Unfortunately, this plugin does tend to incorrectly classify links as broken – especially affiliate links or redirection links (generated when using a plugin like ThirstyAffiliates).

How to solve the problem of strikethrough links in WordPress?

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on Settings->Link Checker
  3. Unselect the checkbox stating “Apply custom formatting to broken links”
  4. Save Changes

Strikethrough links wordpress

If you still want broken links to show up in different ways, you can change the styling to show the links in a different color, instead of showing as strikethrough.

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4 thoughts on “[Solved] – WordPress Text Links Showing Strikethrough Text

  1. Thanks! I was desperate to remove the strike through from my links and your post has solved my issue. Thanks!

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