Help Me Travel: Review – Your Travel Companion!

Unicorn creations new offering to the world is not just an app but human, recorded in a bilingual girl’s voice, Yoshida Chikao. Help me Travel app contains recorded videos of common situations and dialogues used in well known situations in English. The situations are classified into 11 different places such as Hotels, Airports etc and contains their respective common phrases.  Over 700 phrases are introduced in the app derived from these scenarios. 

Best part is that the voice can be heard seamlessly even when offline. The uniqueness of this app can attract travelers from across the globe.

“When you talk about it with courage, you can communicate! I understood what the other person was saying because I knew in advance! I’m happy if I could make a wonderful memory!” Yoshida Chikao.

It is available for $10 in the Play Store which is somehow a bit overpriced but an app of this caliber and rating is worth a try if you are a frequent traveler and love communication.

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