SCV Miner Review – an Un-Earthly Business game

SCV Miner – Click & Idle Tycoon – PRO

Many business games were introduced before, but they became too earthly to be played now. So Red Machine brings to you its simulation game, SCV Miner, an intergalactic trading game where the player can traverse through planet to planet and deploy robots to dig gold mines. The fun part starts after this. The money you make in the game can be used to hire manager within the game for automatic and smart deployment for maximum score.

Its vibrant UI and easy to play controls make it a smart and fun addition to your application list. Available on the Play Store, this is an idle clicker game that lets you dig gold coins and minerals even when the user is in offline mode. With pros, it has its own cons too. Even though paid, this app contains ads, also, once the user reaches the epitome, the game runs out of content.

There is nothing perfect obviously but this game requires upgrades as far as retaining its users is concerned.

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