Review: Hermes Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by Gamdias

Today, we review the Gamdias Hermes 7 Color GKB3000 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. A relatively new brand in the market, Gamdias builds products focussed at gamers. We have been using this keyboard for 2 months now and here is our verdict on this product.

Gamdias Hermes Gaming Keyboard Review


The Hermes 7 Color is a big and sturdy keyboard which comes with a large wrist support. When not plugged in, the keyboard has a simplistic look with smooth black finishing along with white lettering on the keys. When plugged in, the 7 colors light up the keyboard making it look like a mean gaming device. The lights have various levels and can also be seen clearly in a well-lit room. In darker rooms, the brightness can be reduced to match the eye’s comfort level. It has 14 sets of lighting effects – 9 standard and 5 which you can customize. I particularly liked the Breathing and Colored Ribbon modes.


A good gaming keyboard is characterized by superior speed as well as durability and the Gamdias Hermes certainly does fairly well in this department. The keypress response is quick and the actuation is accompanied by a reassuring loud click. This has a fantastic Anti-ghosting or N-Key Rollover (NKRO) feature which ensures that pressing multi-key combinations while gaming is error-free.

Even when not gaming and using this for typing, we found this to be a pleasure to type on. The only annoying part here was it does tend to get noisy when typing or chatting. This is more prone to affect others in the room than the person using the keyboard.

Gamdias advertises a 50 Million Actuation Lifecycle (i.e. 50 million key presses per key) which takes care of the durability concern of not wearing out your keyboard during aggressive gaming sessions.

Useful Gaming Features

Among all its features, we loved the Continuous Attach Mode (activated by Fn+Q). When enabled, pressing and holding a key will register as repeated key presses – very useful for action games. This reduces finger fatigue to an unbelievably large extent.

The Hermes GKB3000 has all the usual Media Player shortcuts, the ability to lock the complete keyboard by pressing Fn + F11 (in case you have pets or small children around) and the useful Gaming lock button which disables the Windows key.

Another useful feature is the ability to swap WASD and arrow keys. Though we didn’t use this, we see how it can be useful if you get tired and want to swap hands or if you are left-handed.

One downside here is that this keyboard doesn’t have support for the HERA software which allows you to user-programmable macro keys.


The Hermes 7 Color keyboard is a great value for the price. Though this has a few cons like the large size and the lack of HERA support, the pros of the device more than outweigh the cons. The visually pleasing colors, ergonomic design (the wrist support and key placement), quality and responsiveness of the key switches, and the gamer-friendly features make this keyboard a pleasure to use while gaming as well as typing. We at Techzog definitely recommend this product.

You can buy this from Amazon or learn more about this from the Gamdias website.

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