Review: Zeus Optical Gaming Mouse by GAMDIAS

As computer gaming moves from a pastime to a serious hobby, the need for dedicated hardware has increased. Today, we review one such product created specially for gamers –¬†GAMDIAS Optical Gaming Mouse (ZEUS P1).

The main USP of this mouse is its accuracy with a humongous 12000 DPI Sensor. What I liked about it is the size fits just about perfectly. It is responsive and smooth during gameplay giving the exact amount of control needed. It doubles up a smart mouse during work with the array of programmable buttons. The customizable profiles are a huge blessing as this can help define custom controls for repetitive tasks resulting in being a huge timesaver.

The design of the mouse is good. The matte finish makes it look great. The textured rubber grips provide ergonomic comfort. The breathing lighting is also great while gaming. This is programmable using the HERA software but we didn’t get around to customizing the lighting.

Overall, we found this to be a great mouse to use in terms of comfort, accuracy as well as customizability. Though a little on the expensive size, this is definitely something any advanced gamer should consider adding to their hardware arsenal.

You can buy this from Amazon or learn more about this from the Gamdias website.

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