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Free Domain Name Suggestion Tools

One of the toughest parts of creating a new website is finding a good domain name which is also available. While I use these tips for choosing domain names, trying to find out available domain names for my desired keywords is challenging. Most registrars like Godaddy and will offer you suggestions if your chosen domain is unavailable, however, I have found the following tools to be extremely useful in generating good domain name suggestions.


This is a fantastic tool which takes in either the domain name or a combination of words, generates possible domain suggestions and then checks for availability and shows the available ones. This generates common words, SEO optimized words, similar words, short words, new TLD domains etc. If you want to register a domain name, you can simply click on it and it will take you directly to the registrar’s website. See screenshot below.


domain suggestion tool

2. Dynadot’s Domain Name Suggestion Tool

Dynadot’s tool also takes in keywords and comes up with suggestions. The main difference here is that the suggestions are fairly pointed and use common suffixes and prefixes which in my opinion make the task of choosing a domain name easier. They also support just 5 TLDs – .com, .net, .cc, .tv and a foreign (non-English TLD).


dynadot domain suggestion tool

3. Domainhole’s Name Spinner

Domainhole’s tool is similar to the above two, with the exception that is has a lot of customizations available in keyword generation like combining the given keywords with business verbs or nouns, countries, popular appends etc. However, I found that the number of available domains generated by this tool for popular keywords was rather limited.


Did any of these domain name suggestion tools help you in finding the best domain for your website? Or are there other domain search and suggestion tools you use? Do let us know in the comments section below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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