Best VPS Hosting Providers

This post evaluates and lists the best Virtual Private Server hosting providers in the world today. There are a multitude of factors which make a VPS hosting provider qualify as best, average or worst. The factors we have used are:

  1. Quality of Server Hardware : This is a critical factor in getting the amount of computing and power and speed for your website
  2. Service Uptime: The amount of time a service is really up based on our own experience and user reviews
  3. Software: Some providers give basic or no management front-end software while others give the popular cPanel. This affects usability and time required to manage the VPS instances
  4. Managed / Unmanaged Service: Unless you have a full-time devops team, you will often need the service provider to help with basic management of the server like installing packages and so on
  5. Customer Care Responsiveness: In our experience, this is the third most important factor in choosing a service provider. Even a delay of 24 hours can cause huge losses, Google penalties and loss of customers
  6. Cost: Cost is certainly important in evaluating the effectiveness and ROI of a VPS server

Best VPS Hosting Providers

Some of the best hosts for VPS hosting in the market are DreamHost (starts at $15/mo) and BlueHost (starting at $30 /mo). These are considered to be good because they provide good quality servers, good uptime and have responsive support.

The biggest marketing spenders in the hosting industry are HostGator (starts at $20/mo) and GoDaddy (starts at $35/mo). Hostgator is expensive and Godaddy isn’t cheap either as their starting plans have very low configurations. While these are popular because of their immense marketing spends, their customer service is extremely slow.

If you are savvy enough, you can also try to run your own on-demand instances on Amazon AWS or Digital Ocean (starts at 10/mo + $0.015/hour of usage). Note however, that this will take more time to set up.

A couple of other well-known hosting providers are

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