How to Find Content Ideas for Your Blog

Ideas for Blog Posts

Ideas for Blog Posts

As a new blogger, when you are at your wit’s end looking for content ideas for a blog post, this guide will immensely help you to quickly generate a list of blog post topics in your niche.

1. Write a Post that Answers Questions

One of the best ways to find a topic to write on is look for unanswered questions by users on your topic. You can find such questions on or on forums which are specific to your niche. Try to not answer questions which are too specific. Choose questions which are asked by a high number of users but don’t have a well written answer yet instead. In case you are unable to find unanswered questions, try to look for the most frequently asked questions in your niche. Chances are, that your readers will also have that question and your post will add value to them. Remember – [ictt-tweet-inline]The best blog posts are the ones that solve a user problem.[/ictt-tweet-inline]

2. Write a SkyScraper Post

This technique is outlined best by Brian Dean from He basically advises to find link-worthy content (i.e. content which is already doing well), write a blog post making it even better, and finally, promote that content to people who have already linked to the older version. You can find link-worthy content by using a tool called Buzzsumo or also by looking at what’s most upvoted at Reddit. Resource lists and guides are perfect for writing such posts.

3. Write About Trends Which Others are Blogging About

Bloggers are creating fresh content all the time. You should go through what other bloggers are writing to understand the trends that people are writing about and discussing. Going through discussion forums also helps find trends. Lastly, you can use Google Trends to see what people the world over are searching for. Once, you identify a topic, ensure that you do not copy what others have written. This will harm you and make you look bad both in the eyes of your users as well as search engines. You can re-use the structure of that article though. If you are indeed knowledgable about your niche, you should be able to write useful content around the topic, getting ideas from the structure of the original article.

4. Write a Guide or a Tutorial

Writing a how to, guide or tutorial is tedious but fairly straightforward and something which will add value to your readers. You can again reference other tutorials already written or reference course material at sites like to get an idea of the structure of the tutorial. Once the structure is in place, it is up to you to write better content than is already around and ensure that it is engaging and useful for your readers.

5. Write an Expert Opinion Article

People love reading opinions, but only of experts. If you have great knowledge in your niche and you would like to provide your opinion on a recent event or trend, then that makes an excellent topic for writing a blog post. Remember, though that since opinions are subjective, readers will only read them if you are an expert and your opinion is backed by solid data and logical arguments.


You can use any of these techniques to find fresh ideas for your blog post topics. Let us know if you are aware of some other great techniques to develop content ideas. We would love to hear your feedback and comments.

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