7 Best SEO Plugins for E-commerce Websites

The significance of an SEO plugin for an e-commerce website can hardly be doubted. In today’s internet-driven world, search engines play an instrumental role in boosting online traffic, which is the leading determiner of where your business stands. What’s better, SEO for any business website is much easier than you think: thanks to a number of SEO plugins out there, you can make the SEO for your business incredibly easy, with a majority of them available for a very nominal fee or even absolutely free!

7 Best SEO Plugins for Ecommerce Website

A majority of you may be wondering what an SEO plugin actually means. The answer to the question is that an SEO plugin is one that lets you add an SEO title, meta keywords, and a meta description to every post you add to your site. Simply put, they help improve SEO on your WordPress or e-commerce site. Nevertheless, SEO plugins on their own cannot help you rank higher on search engines. There are many other factors, such as choosing an effective e-commerce hosting; or adhering to the best WooCommerce SEO tips for all-out optimization. That said, SEO plugins are an excellent way to augment your store and the following post will help you select the best SEO plugins for e-commerce!

Here are the 7 best e-commerce SEO plugins

  1. Yoast SEO

With over 6 million downloads and legions of helpful reviews, Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO WordPress plugins available online. This plugin lets you carry out many on-site technical optimizations to enhance the SEO of your website. And with an extensive variety of features, it’s an all-in-one plugin. Some of the prominent features of this plugin include keyword optimization, preview page, readability checker, duplicate content alert, and one-year free 24/7 support among others.

  1. All in One SEO Pack

This e-commerce plugin, which is a perfect Yoast SEO competitor, is great for startups; however, it lacks in terms of features compared to its rival Yoast. All in One SEO pack is not a good plugin for you if you want to extensively tweak your website. But if you want an easy-to-use plugin without complexities, you can benefit from this. One of the biggest benefits of this plugin is that it works automatically. Some of the main features include XML Sitemap Support, Google Analytics Support, Built-in API, PHP 7 Compatibility, and so on among others.

  1. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

This is another remarkable plugin that provides you with a brief outline of your website page in the search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The All in One Schema Rick snippets plugin helps optimize content for higher SERPs, enhances Click Through Rate (CTR), and shows information on Google and Facebook links.

  1. WP Smushit

Have you had a problem uploading images for your e-commerce store, because the images are too many and they take a heck of a lot of time?  Don’t fret as WP Smushit will save you from this hassle, allowing you to shape, enhance, and compress all your pictures without affecting the quality of the images. Many people don’t know this, but improving your images helps in SEO owing to quicker loading speeds on your e-commerce site. This plugin helps optimize images using Lossless Compression and is compatible with Media Library Plugins. In addition, it supports JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG image files, and optimizes images from WordPress Directory.

  1. Broken Link Checker

Broken links typically display a 404 error on product pages. These links do not benefit search engines, serving as negative points for your e-commerce business. To avoid such an eventuality, Broken Link Checker should be used every month to see if you have left any broken links up for search engines to mark down. The plugin monitors links in pages, posts, comments, and blogroll, and easily detects links that are non-functional. It also helps you find missing images and redirections and makes broken links show in posts.

  1. WP-Backlinks

This is a freemium WordPress SEO plugin that lets you screen new backlinks straight from your dashboard. You can also review your competitors’ new backlinks using WP-Backlinks, hence improving your online stores SEO from that direction also. It monitors blog backlinks while refreshing every 7 days absolutely free.

  1. Jetpack by WordPress.com

This is a vital plugin for e-commerce beginners. Jetpack is a common WordPress plugin created by the people behind WordPress.com. Jetpack brings many of the strongest features available on WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress sites, contributing significantly to the development of WordPress-powered blogs and websites. The plugin offers site stats and analytics, auto-sharing on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit absolutely free.


One can barely question the importance of SEO since it helps boost the ranking of your website. While search engine algorithms are ever-growing and not in your control, you can still ensure that your online store is correctly adjusted using these SEO plugins to attain better search positions.

Some of the best SEO plugins have been mentioned above, but it’s up to you to choose the best e-commerce SEO plugin that’s right for you. Once installed and activated, all you have to do is organize it to start enhancing your e-commerce website.

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