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Viewing Unpushed Git Commits

You can view changes you have made in your local repository which haven’t been pushed to the origin (remote) repository using the following command: git log origin/<yourbranchname> In case your local branch has been configured with an upstream branch, then you can use the below shorthand: git log @{u}.. or git log @{upstream}.. If you…

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Referrals from blockOptions.cgi in Google Analytics

If you see referrals from http://<some-ip-address>/cgi-bin/blockOptions.cgi in your Google Analytics Reports or WordPress reports, do not be alarmed. Many webmasters have experienced this and this may not always be your fault. Referrals from blockOptions.cgi are usually not a cause for worry unless they form the majority of your visits. blockOptions.cgi, afterworkOptions.cgi and others are requests…

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India Smartphone Consumer Profile

An excellent infographic by Vserv gives some interesting insights into the consumer profile of smartphone owners in India. Some key insights into Indian Smartphone Users: Most are Android users followed by Nokia They download a lot of apps. India is ranked as one of the the top countries in Android and Nokia App stores Monetization…

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Finally, Hashtags on Facebook too!

There’s good news for twitter fans, Facebook has finally started supporting hashtags. For the novice user, hashtags are the keywords related to the post or tweet prepended by a ‘#’ (hash) sign. These keywords help identify which category or tag the post belongs to. This is also very useful in allowing users to track similar posts….

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Excellent Free Online Logo Maker

Just came across this excellent tool for making online logos: . They have a great collection of logos as well as a brilliant image manipulation tool. The logo creation took me less than 5 minutes. It’s a simple 3 step process: Step select from their rich collection of logos Use a editor to change logo colors…

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Google Nexus 4

Google Nexus 4 Reviewed

Google’s Nexus 4 attempts to make Google an established brand in the mobile industry. The Nexus 4 is packed with some pretty nifty features, while compromising on some others considered as non-essential. This article reviews the Nexus 4, along with listing its pros and cons. Nexus 4 Specifications Processor and Memory 8GB or 16GB (actual…

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Best VPS Hosting Providers

This post evaluates and lists the best Virtual Private Server hosting providers in the world today. There are a multitude of factors which make a VPS hosting provider qualify as best, average or worst. The factors we have used are: Quality of Server Hardware : This is a critical factor in getting the amount of computing and…

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