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Whatscan – QR Scan Pro: Review

It’s really time taking and annoying to keep separate apps for scanning codes and generating them. It also costs too much time to traverse through different apps for these purposes. Waqt’s announced its multipurpose communication app called Whatscan with capabilities of multiple apps in one. Its key features are: Scan and Chat Status saver QR…

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Android’s Favorite Browsers Goes Ad Free

UC Browser’s latest addition in web browser family UC turbo, is getting lots of love and download from UC users because of its ad free and extremely responsive UI. Designed to slay the internet with faster browsing, video streaming and downloading, there has been major changes introduced to this successor of UC browser. It bags…

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5 Critical Tips to Extend Your Mobile Phone Battery’s Life

With more and more smartphones today becoming the primary computing device, and unfortunately all of them featuring non-removable batteries, it is important to keep your smartphone battery’s lifespan at least to 2 to 3 years. This becomes more important with devices featuring newer technologies like 5G mobiles and Augmented Reality capabilities. [ictt-tweet-inline]A lot of heavy…

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Best Web Hosting For Beginners

Best Web Hosting for Beginners

If you are new to the world of creating websites and simply need answers to questions like “What web host should I use?”, “Which is the best web hosting for beginners?”, “Which is the best place to host a blog?” or “Which is the best host for a small business website?” then this article delivers…

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[Fixed] : “Could not find” Error

You import a project in the new version of Android Studio and get the following error (while running or building) Could not find Searched in the following locations: … Required by: project :app The problem is the missing dependency. Beginning with Android Studio 3.2 Canary 11, the source for AAPT2 (Android Asset Packaging Tool…

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Fixing AMP Plugin Error “Fatal error: Cannot make static method”

If you have a WordPress and are using the AMP plugin, the latest update (5-Aug) seems to have broken some code resulting in the entire website going down. Your users will see the following error: Fatal error: Cannot make static method AMP_Customizer_Design_Settings::register_customizer_ui() non static in class AMPFORWP_Customizer_Design_Contols in /home/techzog/public_html/wp-content/plugins/accelerated-mobile-pages/templates/customizer/customizer.php on line 217 This can be…

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